5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

The digital revolution has changed the way we live and the way we do business. Freelancing has also been dramatically changed with the advances in technology. With the advent of review services, and with them so readily available, freelancing is no longer guesswork. When it comes time to hire someone for a job, you know what you’re getting.

The decision of if to use a freelance artist or an agency is not one to be taken lightly. Stacking the pros and cons is honestly pretty easy and it is worth investing the time to do so. The pro’s on your list win out pretty dominantly and here are some key factors:

    Whether you hire freelancers from sites that offer these services or just individually there is a plethora of available information. The good thing is that for every design need that you have, there is someone who is specializing in what you need. Whatever way you decide to uncover this information, just make sure you are doing your due diligence and have a good understanding of who you hiring for this job.

    Companies and agencies come with miles of red tape that you will have to maneuver. Most agencies will have a large number of clients pulling their interests in many different directions. Agencies also come with set office hours and schedules. Need something past 5? There’s a good chance you are waiting until the start of the next business day. Freelancers are their own boss and public relations team so they tend to work much longer hours as they are entrepreneurs. Freelancers are accessible and make communication easy giving you a much more dedicated focus.

    The one real drawback for freelancing is the experience factor. Agencies often specialize whereas freelancers are usually generalists. Agencies will also be a mix of experts, beginners, and everything between where freelancers experience levels are what they are. This will again come down to you doing your research and hiring a freelancer you know can do the job. Make sure they know the specifications of what you need and have an open conversation about their experience with similar designs and if they can handle what you need.

    The biggest advantage of all though is the money you will save by going the freelance route. Agencies, like any multiple person business, will carry a certain degree of overhead. Everything down to the coffee the employees drink will be factored into their bottom line and thus into their pricing.

    Freelancers are also out to prove their worth and that they can do the job just as well as the big agencies. Without agency backing, they will often cut their prices to stay competitive. They can afford too so they do so to get business.

You may not know about the business process outsourcing that is occurring all over the world right now, but it’s real and it is growing. Using countries like Singapore and their great digital art scene to make your next graphic design hire is just good business sense.

The world is changing, and we have created a global shared economy and we are better for it. This economy has given us quality workers who are hungry to get out and prove their worth while being budget friendly for you. The next time you need graphic design, I’d dive into the freelancer market in places like Singapore. The question is not why you should hire a freelance graphic designer, it is why wouldn’t you?

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