How Packaging Design Can Boost Your Sales

Your product packaging design is an extension of your marketing and thus plays a large role in the consumer’s decision process. From fonts to colors to product descriptions, every part of your packaging has an impact on if your product gets picked out or not.

Design is a part of the sales and marketing process and should not be overlooked. One company that takes this to heart is Apple. There are countless stories of Steve Jobs studying product and product packaging design of other products and then using that as a source of inspiration in his own products.

Did you know, that using certain colors for paint in your house can raise or lower your home’s value? The same basic principle applies in product packing design. In retail stores, consumers are not exactly short on options. Human brains are wired to respond to different colors in different ways. With this in mind, it’s important that your package design and colors are chosen with intent as they can have a real tangible impact on buying habits. 

There are many steps in running a business and it is necessary to understand all of these steps and their role in your sales process. Now more than ever, consumers have a deluge of options to solve their needs.

With this in mind, it is important to stand out and to create brand recognition. For new customers, you’ll want to catch attention on the shelves. This is your chance to reach new customers in the act of buying.

For returning customers who have used and enjoyed other products of yours, you’ll want them to recognize you by your packaging and entice them to use more of your products. Brand recognition is a powerful thing, and the design of your packaging can be a key part of that process.

Before After corn canned food packaging mockupcorn canned food packaging mockup
Redesign of Nago’s canned foods
Before After cashew nut standing pouch packaging mockupcashew nut standing pouch packaging mockup
Redesign of VIT’s Cashews

All of this is a long way to say that product packaging is your opportunity to stand out in a store. You do not have a running commercial inside the store, nor are you there doing a demonstration of your product and how it works. All you have is this packaging around your product. Your job is to sell that product with this design.

You want to grab attention and be memorable. You want to tell the story about what your product is, how it works, and why it’s the best. You want to do all of this without being too noisy, wordy, or confusing.

Working with experts to design your packaging is a good and recommended idea. Singapore’s design hub is a great place to team up with designers and create the story you are looking to tell on the shelves across the globe.

Coming up with a clear and constant design strategy will help you have a strong marketing strategy and drive your sales. A business is a big machine with many moving parts. It can at times be a daunting process to manage and keep track of all the said moving parts. You do not want to lose sight of your packaging design, it is an integral part of your business’ future and success.

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